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An ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
Offering Compressed Wood Pallet & WPC Door & Window Frames, Wooden Door Panels, Molded Pallets etc. are known for reliability and durability...

About Us

Since in 2012, the company, MAPAC Technology engages itself in the Eco-Friendly technology in manufacturing of the Compressed Wood Pallet Under the name of Mankuva Timber Industries, we engaged ourselves in the manufacturing of various wooden products like pallets,Wooden Door Panels, door frames, window frames, shutters, swan size etc. under the company banner of Mankuva Timber Industries since last 28 years.

With a factory area of over 22000 Sq. Mtrs. and equipped with the latest technology automatic machinery operated by the skilled professionals we have a simple methodology of manufacturing quality products and testing the same as well.